Chinese beauty industry lands at Milan Fashion Week

Oriental Beauty Valley the Shanghai beauty brand consortium enters Milan Fashion Week thanks to its partnership with designer Francesca Liberatore

The Oriental Beauty Valley group and Shanghai Promotion Center for City of Design have landed at Milan Fashion Week.

Francesca Liberatore’s fashion show held on Sunday, September 25 at 7 p.m. was an opportunity to present 13 beauty companies of the Oriental Beauty Valley group, showcasing the style of Shanghai’s beauty industry in Milan.

As a beauty industry group that integrates industrial park, technology, talent introduction and market integration, Oriental Beauty Valley Group has always been committed to making “Made in China” an international brand and has successfully helped more than 30 Chinese cosmetic companies make their mark in the fashion capital Milan by initiating a process of opening up to the international market.

Milan Fashion Week is a great opportunity for Shanghai’s beauty industry to participate as a key player in global fashion trends, and is a gateway to the international market.  With the growing popularity of oriental-designed beauty products, Chinese cosmetics and beauty brands will soon take their place on the international fashion scene.


Inspiration source-“flowers, wine, 2-3 weeks of sunshineLet the plants read the plants in another perspective bystoring images photocopying, color extraction and enlargement with their own memory in the way ofexperiencing nature.


Beast of the East uses high quality ganoderma lucidum from Jinzhai, Dabie Mountain, and applies exclusive SABEXR technology to extract whole ganoderma cell oil. It is added to the oil at a level of up to 30% to help repair and stabilize fragile and sensitive skin.


Instantly wraps dehydrated skin with a nourishing sensation and forms a protective film on the skin’s surface Continuous skin moisturization Space cream (cream) for space version.

“The Oriental Beauty Valley” is aimed to form a “health and beauty industry alliance” with the core of the beautiful and healthy industry as well as the win-win situation and coexistence among multi industries by integrating headquarters economy, cultural creativity, tourism & leisure, e-commerce, sports, financial service, fashion industry, luxury goods and other cross-border industries through the concept and method of “Cross and Beyond Boundaries”. It is committed to achieving”metropolitan industrial ecosphere” through regional coverage, full-function integration, complete industrial support and all-factor service.

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