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2023 Oriental Beauty Valley International Cosmetic Conference – “Beauty for Future” Exploring ESG Strategy for Beauty Industry

With the increasing influence of ESG concept in the beauty industry, more and more beauty companies have incorporated ESG into their sustainable development strategies, especially Chinese local companies are catching up, how to reach ESG goals and how to make good ESG disclosure has become the key to the future development of beauty companies. “One of the sub-forums of the 2023 Oriental Beauty Valley International Cosmetics Conference, “Beauty for Future”, focuses on the long-term value of enterprises and explores the path of ESG innovation in the beauty industry, from scientific research and innovation, digital management to responsible marketing, ESG in the cosmetics industry and other related topics, we invite leading brands at home and abroad to jointly explore the road to ESG in China.

At the meeting, L’Oreal Group, Sephora China, Axilone, Cainiao Group, JALA Group and others successively shared the road of ESG innovation in the industry chain of beauty packaging materials, production, sales and transport.

In the round table session on “Focusing on long-term corporate value, explore ESG Strategy for Beauty Industry”, Dermalogica, Yixian Group, L’Occitane Group, Beiersdorf China, etc. had an open discussion on the four aspects of understanding and practicing the ESG principles, scientific research and innovation, digital management, responsible marketing and so on.

The ESG concept, which is centred on advocating the protection of the ecological environment, the fulfillment of social responsibility and the improvement of governance, has become an important indicator for measuring the sustainable development of enterprises. Through the sharing of this forum, we call on all parties in the society to participate together, actively empower the ESG practice and dissemination of cosmetic enterprises, and join hands to create a new pattern of green and sustainable development in the cosmetic industry.

This forum is hosted by WWD BeautyInc — WWD BeautyInc, as a long-term partner of Oriental Beauty Valley, hopes to use this bridge to build a high-quality platform for dialogue and cooperation between China and the global beauty industry.

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