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“East – West Unbounded·Leading Beauty Fashion Trend” Sino-Italian Cosmetics Industry Summit Forum was successfully held in the Oriental Beauty Valley

On November 10th, during the 2022 Oriental Beauty Valley International Cosmetics Conference, a Sino-Italian Cosmetics Industry Summit Forum themed “East – West Unbounded·Leading Beauty Fashion Trend” was successfully held. The forum provided multidimensional insights into the development of the beauty industry, including technological empowerment, and analyzed the impact of rapidly expanding new social and marketing platforms such as live streaming on the industry.

The forum invited four experts from the beauty industry to share their insights and experiences. Experts bring new concepts to beauty from technology, design, fashion, and sustainability,provided fascinating insights into new technologies, trends, and developments in the cosmetics industry.


The guests at the roundtable forum engaged in interactive discussions and explorations on various topics, including successful experiences in product technology research and development, product sales and consumer loyalty in domestic and international markets, breakthroughs in traditional marketing strategies for beauty brands, innovative points for the future, consumption characteristics of beauty products among the “Z generation” demographic, and opportunities for collaborative development in Sino-Italian beauty and health industries.

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