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Global attention gathers, launching the beauty feast! 2023 Oriental Beauty Valley International Cosmetic Conference Opens Today!

On the occasion of the Sixth China International Import Expo, on the morning of 9 November, the 2023 Oriental Beauty Valley International Cosmetic Conference was opened as scheduled. The conference to “Oriental Beauty Valley´╝îlight up the world” as the theme, many domestic and foreign cosmetics field well-known enterprises, experts and scholars and industry leaders, gathering together, in-depth focus on the beauty industry cutting-edge trends, to explore new technologies, new platforms, new modes of mutual empowerment and innovation of the beauty industry, and to explore the cosmetic industry high-quality development of the world’s new path, to help accelerate the development of the Oriental Beauty Valley to the “world cosmetics capital”.

Chen Jie, Vice Mayor of Shanghai Municipal People’s Government, attended the ceremony and unveiled the plaque for the “Oriental Beauty Valley Chinese Characteristic Cosmetic Raw Material Base Alliance”.

Jin Minghong, Second Inspector of the Department of Environment and Resources of the National Development and Reform Commission, delivered the opening speech.

Geng Hongzhou, first-class inspector of the Department of Consumption Promotion of the Ministry of Commerce, delivered the opening speech.

Li Jinju, Director of the Department of Cosmetics Supervision and Administration of the
National Medical Products Administration, delivered an opening speech.

Yuan Quan, Secretary of Fengxian District Party Committee, delivered a welcome speech.

Zhuang Mudi, Deputy Secretary General of Shanghai Municipal People’s Government, Wang Yiqun, Deputy Secretary of Fengxian District Committee and Mayor of Fengxian District People’s Government, and Ruan Li, Deputy Director of Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Informatization, opened the new voyage of Oriental Beauty Valley’s “Brand Going Global”.

Zhang Peirong, Director of the Standing Committee of Fengxian District People’s Congress, and Zhou Qun, Chief Engineer of Shanghai Municipal Market Supervision and Administration Bureau, conferred plaques on the first batch of new member units of Oriental Beauty Valley.

Chen Yongzhang,Chairman of Fengxian District CPPCC Chairman and Xu Lei, Director of Shanghai Drug Administration conferred plaques on the second batch of new member units of Oriental Beauty Valley.

Yan Jiangying, Chairman of China Flavours, Fragrances and Cosmetics Industry Association, Tang Xiaoteng, Deputy Secretary of Fengxian District Committee, and Zheng Chunying, Chairman of Oriental Beauty Valley Industry Promotion Centre and Chairman and President of JALA Group, jointly released the “2023 Oriental Beauty Valley Blue Book”.

Mao Jiye, Director of China Trademark and Brand Research Institute of Renmin University of China, made an analysis of the trademark and brand value of Oriental Beauty Valley in 2023, and unveiled the trademark and brand value of Oriental Beauty Valley in 2023 on the spot with Yang Hui, Deputy Director of the Municipal Intellectual Property Office.

Gui Yucai, deputy head of the seventh circuit supervisory group of the Municipal Party Committee and deputy director of the Municipal Emergency Management Bureau, Liu Min, deputy director of the Municipal Commission of Commerce and first-class inspector, and Li Lei, deputy mayor of the People’s Government of Fengxian District, attended the conference.

Raw material innovation is the source of cosmetic R & D innovation, now, domestic beauty has entered the “raw material dividend period”, the Oriental Beauty Valley Chinese characteristics of cosmetic raw material base alliance came into being at the right time. The alliance by the China Fragrance Association and the Oriental Beauty Valley jointly led by the initiation, and joint Yunnan, Anhui, Shandong, Ningxia, Gansu, Sichuan, Xinjiang, Guangxi and other Chinese characteristics of plant raw material planting bases was established, through raw material innovation, industry, academia, research and empowerment to solve the domestic raw materials, such as low value-added technology and market competitiveness and other weak issues. In the future, we will formulate quality standards for Chinese speciality plant raw materials, and take “Oriental Beauty Valley raw materials” as a booster to greatly accelerate the process of substitution of domestically produced raw materials.IMG_256

The beauty industry is naturally characterised by low pollution, low energy consumption, marketing and R&D. With the concept of sustainable consumption taking root in China, the ESG concept, which focuses on the protection of ecological environment, fulfillment of social responsibility and improvement of governance, has become an important indicator for measuring the sustainable development of enterprises. The era of “sustainability” has come, how can beauty brands “follow the trend”? On the scene, the Oriental Beauty Valley, together with L’Oreal, Shiseido, Estee Lauder, WWD, Jala, Jahwa and many other domestic and foreign cosmetic companies released the “Joint Initiative on ESG in the Oriental Beauty Valley”, which advocates that all enterprises in the cosmetic industry should have a goal, a strategy, a plan, and an effective way to build a better tomorrow of sustainable development, pay attention to environmental protection, be the advocate of the concept of ESG in the fashion industry, fulfil their social responsibilities, be the implementer of the concept of ESG, and strengthen the environmental management system of the fashion industry.

As one of the international events with the highest specifications and strongest line-up in the global cosmetic industry, the Oriental Beauty Valley International Cosmetic Conference has been successfully held for five times so far. As the country’s only “China’s cosmetic industry capital”, the Oriental Beauty Valley has gathered more than 1/3 of the city’s cosmetic enterprises, the industry scale of nearly 100 billion yuan, “Oriental Beauty Valley” brand value totalled 33.878 billion yuan. Compared with the past, this event in the event level, enterprise participation, industry status, brand value, activities and other five dimensions have been qualitative improvement and quantitative leap.

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