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Preferences and featured services of the Oriental Beauty Valley for settled enterprises

Holding firm to the service philosophy, the Oriental Beauty Valley Group provides quality services in finance, branding and technology among others for settled enterprises. Settled in the Oriental Beauty Valley, enterprises will have a bright future.

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What we offer

The development of an industry is inseparable from the support of the enterprise ecosystem of the whole industry chain. It improves the industrial supporting and comprehensive service environment by the market-oriented means to form a comprehensive industrial service system in order to promote the development of health and beauty industry.

Service Supporting Function

With the service supporting function, it will enable all beauty and health industrial enterprises to get accommodated in Beauty Valley, seamlessly link to this alliance, and achieve rapid growth by making use of its improved industrial chain and broad cross-industry space.

Industrial Cluster Function

With the industrial cluster function, it will attract the global most influential health and beauty industrial enterprise so as to form the Chinese largest beauty health industrial cluster and leading development highland.

Talent Agglomeration Function

With the talent agglomeration function, it will attract all kinds of professionals with a broad mind. Due to the excellent living and working environment and unlimited developing opportunities of Oriental Beauty Valley, it is possible for global elites to realize their life value in the cause of Go Goal.

R&D and Innovation Function

With the R&D and innovation function, it will build a source guiding the technological innovation and idea innovation for the global beauty and health industry by integrating the industrial richest technological resources and most advanced equipment.