Fermented Colors

In January 2022, Joocyee Enzyme launched the “Rose Love Poem” series, a romantic and practical color scheme and packaging design that celebrates the romance that grows in ordinary life.

The gift set includes “Love Poem Eye Palette” and “Love Poem Lipstick”. The “Love Poem Eye Palette” is a triple lenticular design that frames the blooming process of roses, with a low-saturation pink ink color palette and dynamic glitter to create a heartfelt atmosphere. The “Love Poem Lipstick” is a special blend of 3 rose shades, with a romantic poem written on the acrylic water wave case, creating a matte pink mist lip,       hiding the romantic feelings between the lips. Valentine’s Day limited edition “Love       Letter Gift Box”, simulating the appearance of a real poetry book, contains a love poem card in addition to the Valentine’s Day limited edition series, carrying all your romance in one box.